2021 Money-Making Tips for Online Freelancers

The online freelance community is growing in leaps and bounds. What previously represented a niche market is quickly beginning to represent one of the largest commercial sectors in existence. This is due in no small part to the growing number of individuals who are choosing to establish retail-based websites. However, it is likely that 2021 will prove to be a highly competitive year.

This is why those who wish to turn a healthy profit margin will have to keep up to date with some of the latest financial tips and tricks. Let us take a quick look at a handful of professional recommendations as well as what factors define the best ecommerce platform for entrepreneurial needs.How to Increase Your ROI with Multi-Channel MarketingThe first concept which freelancers need to appreciate involves the fact that marketing techniques have massively evolved to the point where they have become surgical in regards to their precision. However, the dichotomy here is that they are also much more expansive than ever before thanks to the presence of what is known as multi-channel marketing.Multi-channel marketing involves the process of simultaneously targeting multiple online portals in order to gain as much exposure as possible in the least amount of time. Some platforms which are often addressed with this approach include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
The key takeaway point here is that such an approach will provide a growing business with the exposure that it needs without consuming a vast amount of in-house resources (such as time and money).

Considering the fact that many consumers now seek social proof before committing to a specific product or service, it only makes sense that this method has taken centre stage in recent times.Modern E-Commerce TrendsWhile the role of online marketing is very important, it only represents one side of the proverbial coin. The other main trend to look out for is the preference for more advanced and intuitive e-commerce platforms as opposed to one-size-fits-all packages. Freelancers need to be provided with customised options in order to better address the needs of their customers. Multiple payments gateways, secure checkout systems, personalised storefronts and branded invoicing are a handful of examples in this respect.These e-commerce platforms should also be equipped with a scalable architecture so that they are able to grow alongside the business.

This precludes the need for costly upgrades or even total migrations to a different system in the future. In other words, the concept of agility should take centre stage in the coming months.Freelancers will be pleased to learn that major e-commerce providers such as Shopify have already taken these metrics into account when providing their services. Therefore, it is now possible to obtain intuitive cloud-based solutions with the click of a button. Whether you have just entered into the digital retail community or you own a well-established business, keeping abreast of these changes is critical if you hope to enjoy success.

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