Cross-selling, an easy way to increase sales

At the moment, if we refer to the Internet, we have to talk about two big sales strategies. Firstly, there is the incremental one, which is based on the sale of a more expensive version of a certain service or product. The second is cross-selling, which consists of marketing different products that are complementary or additional to each other. The main objective of cross-selling is to convince people who have already been customers of a certain business, something that is obviously much easier than selling an item to someone for the first time.

In many cases, the product or service acquired generates a series of needs in the consumer that need to be satisfied. For example, imagine that a person goes to or any similar online music store and ends up buying a Spanish guitar because learning to play it is his dream from his earliest childhood. However, despite having it in his possession, he has no idea how to use it, so he needs private lessons. In this sense, offering the services of a teacher after the transaction has been completed is a very clear and effective example of cross-selling.

Once this example is understood, it should also be stressed that one of the most important principles of cross-selling is that the seller must make the customer aware of everything he is offering and never assume that the customer will discover it on his own. Once the transaction is completed, the opportunities to sell an additional service or product are so high that it is not worth losing them because of such an easily avoidable oversight. Decentralizing selling to increase sales Cross-selling is a great opportunity to make the most of all those products and services that are least marketed. In this sense, it is necessary to warn of the risk of concentrating the activity of a business on a small number of items since, in the event that demand decreases, bankruptcy is practically assured.

Obviously, giving visibility to those less popular products is vital to succeed in selling them, even through this mechanism. For example, a good method is to put up posters or advertisements showing up under good offers or sending emails with text, images and videos to users who might be interested. In short, the cross-selling system is the ideal formula for achieving success in business today, since it allows for the decentralization of sales and the release of products that are less in demand but generate higher profits. Every sale generates a need that can be satisfied with another sale.

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