Home Office: formula of the moment or for the future?

The Coronavirus pandemic has generated new life forms. Confinement and online consumption were good examples, as were new ways of working. The Home Office has become a trend today. But is it a formula for the moment or something to adopt in the future?Life in the 21st century has never been more challenging than in this year 2021.At this time, people's daily lives have changed significantly, and many professionals are now working in their homes.

Working in Home Office is one of many but, despite being motivated by the current situation, the truth is that many people and companies are finding some effective advantages in this way of working and even considering if this method is no longer productive, generating better results for all. In Brazil, working in Home Office was already becoming common even before the pandemic. Several courses were even about the best ways to manage and organize work at home. At that time, in view of the changes in the world, this could be an important course even for those who were used to go to work in an office or other place of work.

Come and see some reasons why Home Office can be a formula for the future.

1.higher individual productivityMany

studies have associated home work with higher productivity. The ability to manage the day according to personal rhythm and to create personalized structures and working methods make many workers end up showing better results when working from home. Although the process can be more complex in its beginning, when the worker gains the ability to concentrate and manage his schedules, this way of working becomes very advantageous for companies and employees.

2.Lower costs for entrepreneursFor

many companies, having their employees working in Home Office can reduce costs. Costs that can be reduced in the process include payments related to transportation, food and also renting a space.

Thus, for some companies and entrepreneurs, it can be very interesting to keep their employees teleworking after this period of forced adaptation during the pandemic.

3 Greater care

for the environment Finally, environmental reasons are also a good reason for this trend to become more permanent. By working at home, people will emit less harmful gases to the planet, since there is no need to travel to the workplace. This can help in the necessary recovery of the environment, creating a more sustainable form of work that has very significant advantages for people's health and human survival in the medium and long term. In addition, this lack of travel also facilitates the management of cities, reducing traffic.

This process would also reduce the number of disasters and time-related difficulties.

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