Marketing 20 / Retargeting and its most common errors

Potential customers visit your site, but sometimes leave without purchasing any services or items. Later, while browsing the web, they come across your online ads and it is precisely the ads that make them interested again, bring them back to your site and bingo, potential customers become happy and repeat customers. There is no doubt that retargeting is one of the most valuable means of reaching your customers. It is a simple and cost-effective tool that certainly deserves a place in your marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, just like chocolates, having too much of something is not good enough. That's why we show you here the mistakes that destroy your retargeting campaigns - showing too much One of the main concerns of most brands before starting a retargeting campaign is the fear of being annoying or irritating to their consumers. This is a valid concern. To avoid this, you should only set a limit on how often you can show yourself to users - not showing yourself enough.

Not showing yourself enough is likely to turn into a useless retargeting campaign. The essence of retargeting lies in the ability to maintain a brand in the minds of users through continuous exposure. If only a few month-long campaigns are run, this effort will not be enough to establish brand awareness and solidify brand recall. Not being creative with adsThe success of the campaign depends more on the ads used than any other factor, so it is important to spend time and other resources on creating attractive ads.

Boring or similar ads Placing the same ads for months will result in a weaker campaign. These types of ads are more likely to be forgotten or even become annoying. This can be avoided by creatively updating such ads every 3 months. Changing the destination of current customersThere is nothing that bothers consumers like seeing the same ads after making a purchase.

It is quite easy to remove users from a retargeting campaign once they have become customers. All you have to do is place one line of code on your site. This will remove your customers from the group of new users. It is important to track the success of the campaign, but relying on click rates as a standard of success is a serious mistake.

A good way to measure success is to check with Google Analytics the number of visitors that return directly to the site. If you see an improvement in visitor loyalty corresponding to the launch of your retargeting campaign, it is an indication that the campaign is effective.

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