Rubrics: how to recognize gambling addiction in a subject?

Currently, online betting sites are really many and the number of gamblers continues to grow steadily, not only with regard to betting on the Web but also for those who like to go to the halls. The purpose of this column is not to demonize gambling, most of the time it does not serve to solve the problem. The purpose of this article is much more practical and especially useful, because the online game is still a fun activity and you can also have fun, with a little 'attention and avoiding betting high amounts of money, so we will give you some very precise information on how to recognize a person who is addicted to gambling. In this way you can take action and avoid disastrous and dangerous loss of money, both for the compulsive gambler, and for those around him (partner, relatives, friends etc.).

The percentages of the problem and the disease Gambling can also be an enjoyable recreational activity that allows the randomness of winning and provides the possibility of prizes. But in terms of participating in the game itself, the commitment is to use money or other values. For most people this activity does not constitute any problem, but for the 5 - 15 ei players, it begins to become one and turns into a compulsive behavior. For the 2 - 3 players, the hope of easy money and change their lives and social redemption make gambling a real compulsive disease.

In this case we speak of pathological gambling, also known as gambling addiction or ludopathy. How to recognize ludopathy? There are several attitudes and causes that can lead to ludopathy. When a person feels an uncontrollable urge to bet and constantly repeat bets, even if it does not happen every day, but when he plays he can not stop betting, this is definitely a first symptom of ludopathy. Another very clear factor is the need to always increase the stakes to win more and recover the money lost in previous bets: the bank always wins, useless to try.

The need to bet always and in any case, not being able to stop if not for a few days, are small signs that already highlight a pathological disorder. The need to lie to get money or to continue to play without control, shows a stage already advanced pathology. The causes that can lead a person to this type of behavioral disorder may be different, first, gambling causes intense emotions and strong adrenaline rushes, in addition, the causes may also derive from biological nature, such as genetic predisposition, or from the psychic nature, especially in subjects who have difficulty managing impulsivity or their emotions.

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