The adaptation of offline marketing to the digital period

The digital period that society is going through has led to all sectors and industries having to adjust. In some segments there has been a significant change, such as marketing. With the growth of online marketing, offline has had to find new ways to resist and impose its importance in this paradigm. With new ideas and opportunities, offline marketing has reaffirmed its relevance.

We can see how street marketing actions continue to be essential, providing the opportunity for direct contact with the real world. Brands organize street events and enjoy direct interaction with consumers, and in the same vein, initiatives are spreading to give businesses a presence at trade fairs, conventions and other events. They use stands from which they present their products and show the audience everything they are capable of by means of a totally close presentation. With these stands you can attract the attention of the public and of potential partners that will lead businesses to take an important step forward.

All you need to do is know how to show your product and have it wrapped up by a team that makes an effort to do so, made up of hostesses and specialists. Interaction and merchandisingOffline marketing has also been able to benefit from the most important features of online marketing, creating a connection between customers and brands. For example, we are seeing that the products of sites such as are increasingly being used to make physical locations more attractive. Posters, photo areas and other elements are being installed to allow that first step in the interaction, which can later lead to an increase in popularity both offline and online.

These merchandising products can also be used at events and fairs like those mentioned above, where it is possible to distribute them from the stands to leave a positive impression. The merchandising items do not represent a great cost for the companies and their design can include the brand image, to help in their promotion. Key rings, posters, pens or T-shirts are some of the most popular merchandising items.

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